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Over the years, we have helped California residents:


  • Keep their homes

  • Stop home foreclosures

  • Retain their cars

  • Stop harassing creditor phone calls

  • Stop lawsuits

  • Stop wage garnishment

  • Unfreeze bank accounts

  • Discharge debt

  • Regain peace of mind

  • Start rebuilding their financial life

Los Angeles Bankruptcy Atty. Eliza Ghanooni, Specializes in Helping You Get a Financial Fresh Start

The American legal system has long understood that individuals and businesses sometimes get overwhelmed by financial circumstances or setbacks and need relief. The bankruptcy system was established to help folks like you with a new beginning.

Eliza Ghanooni has helped hundreds of families and businesses stop the collection calls and foreclosures, navigate the legal process of bankruptcy, keep their homes and cars, and start the process of rebuilding their financial lives.


In California most bankruptcy cases arise out of the following circumstances:


  • Divorce or legal separation

  • Medical bills

  • Business failures

  • Job loss or disability


Regardless of the underlying reasons for your current financial struggles, there is no reason to continue under the pressure of collection calls and threats of liens, garnishments, lawsuits, or foreclosures. At the Ghanooni Law Firm, we help guide you through the process with compassion and understanding.


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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Explained

When you file any type of bankruptcy case, a notice will go out to all your creditors. They are required by law to immediately stop all collection efforts and may be subject to a civil lawsuit brought by you if they continue to call or send notices.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the opportunity to wipe your debt slate clean. Generally, unsecured debts such as credit cards, medical bills, signature loans, utility bills, payday loans, repossession deficiencies, and judgments will be eliminated. In some cases, second trust deeds or home equity lines of credits (HELOCs) will be erased. In rare cases, it is even possible to reduce or eliminate some past due to state and federal tax liabilities.

Many of your assets, such as your home, business, cars, and retirement plans are protected. We will help you to retain as many of your assets as possible while eliminating as many debts as the law allows. In some cases, some assets will be subject to sale in order to pay some of the debts.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy requires a petition to the courts, including a listing of all your income, expenses, assets, and debts. We will handle the paperwork, and accompany you to the hearing with the bankruptcy trustee, so you will never be alone during this difficult time. Once the trustee concludes your hearing, your debts will be discharged within three months of your hearing date.


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Explained

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed for those who have no chance to repay their debt within five years. In some cases, you might have enough income after expenses and/or assets that paying off the debts is possible within five years. In those cases, chapter 13 provides you with an opportunity to structure a payment plan subject to the approval of the court and your creditors.

This repayment plan will include any past due mortgage or car payments that need to be included into the filing so you can maintain ownership of them going forward. All payments must be made on time in the amount agreed upon by the trustee.

Business Restructuring – Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Explained

It is very common that companies which are otherwise viable find themselves faced with the same financial setbacks that face individuals. When the business owners believe that they can pay off all or a portion of the indebtedness if given some time to do so, they might choose the Chapter 11 route.

A major benefit of chapter 11 is that the mere filing stops creditors from continuing collection actions. The company now has time to work out a restructuring plan that they believe will allow the company to become successful in the long term. This plan must also be approved by their creditors and the court. The filing also requires the landlord to continue to rent facilities to the business, but the business must pay all new rents due after the filing on time.

The restructuring may include reduction of amounts owed to creditors, including secured creditors. Contracts may be modified. Each interested party can negotiate their settlement individually or as part of a creditor’s group.

Making the Right Decision

Our Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney understands that filing for bankruptcy is a tough decision. We will guide you through the process leaving no financial detail left to chance, so at the end of the proceedings you can feel great about making the right decision to regain your financial freedom.

Allow our attorney to put a stop to the threatening contacts and harassing phone calls today. From the moment we take on your case, you can direct them to call us so that we can ensure them that we are enacting a plan to set you free from debt, and so you can breathe easy when the phone rings.

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There are many way to approach a difficult financial situation where you are getting obnoxious phone calls, are in foreclosure on your home, or have so much debt that you feel overwhelmed. Call Eliza and discuss your unique circumstances with her and she can help you make the best decisions and get back in control of your finances.


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