There are several bankruptcy options, and our Los Angeles attorney can provide a helping hand in chapter 13 bankruptcy, which is a form of debt reorganization, to help you and your family retain their financial footing for good.


Working with our accomplished Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney at the Ghanooni Law Firm will ensure that your experience with bankruptcy is as painless as possible. . Our attorney has ushered numerous families to financial freedom for years, filing chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions, and helping them reclaim their integrity as a result. Our firm knows that filing for bankruptcy is no one’s first choice, but it becomes a necessity when there are no other options and debt collectors are harassing your family at every turn. We want to lift the burden of debt off your shoulders. You work hard for a living, and although your debt may currently be suffocating you, we want to help you breathe easy again in the form of financial reorganization. Our committed and determined lawyer can help you restructure your debt, and stop the threatening contact once and for all.


Our chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Los Angeles offers free consultations to understand the depth of your financial situation clearly. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a form of debt reorganization, so it is important that your finances are presented in a clear and concise manner to the court. We will provide these services as part of our representation, and will complete all of the accompanying paperwork in full on your behalf. We will also guide you through this process so you know exactly what to do when a bill collector calls, or what not to do as it pertains to your current financial position until the process is complete. We are going to become partners in this approach to reorganizing your finances, while we fight for the lowest repayment schedule possible so you can actually begin to save again.


What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

At the Ghanooni Law Firm, our Los Angeles chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney provides clear and concise explanations for every step that we take in this important legal process. As a result, chapter 13 bankruptcy is described as a debt restructuring plan that provides individuals with a three to five year window of combined and consolidated payments that will pay off their debt in its entirety, while protecting their assets from repossession.

Our experienced bankruptcy lawyer will provide you with an easy and accurate way to account for your current debts, assets and income as well as your monthly expenses. The goal of our professional staff is to provide you with the confidence you need to move forward with this process, while establishing your financial freedom as a result. We do not want to overwhelm you with tasks, as our attorney will do all of the work while you simply answer the questions we have with a commitment to moving forward with your life on a positive foot.


Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy a Good Fit for My Financial Situation?

As an experienced Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney, it is certainly fair to say that chapter 13 bankruptcy is not for everyone. There are four common questions we ask our prospective clients when they are considering bankruptcy as a whole to see if chapter 13 is a fit for their financial situation.

  • Are you behind on your mortgage, or have your received a notice of default or foreclosure?

  • Are you behind on your income taxes, and need help escaping possible wage garnishment?

  • Is your income too high for chapter 7 bankruptcy consideration? Yet your disposable income will not allow you to keep up with your current debt payments?

  • Do you need help protecting your assets from liquidation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chapter 13 bankruptcy may be right for you. Contact our office for a free consultation, and allow our compassionate attorney to guide you to a debt- free lifestyle.

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